About me


my name is Fabian Gaußling and I am working as a developer and architect for business intelligence solutions on a freelance base. By now I worked for several companies in different branches for nearly 9 years. I am mainly focused on the IBM Cognos environment including Data Manager, Framework Manager and

Fabian Gaußling

Fabian Gaußling

the different studios (i.e. Report Studio, Query Studio, etc.) in the Cognos BI suite. All this based on oracle databases. You can find more information about me and my work on my website: www.gaussling.com

Basically in this blog I want to deal with topics about business intelligence and Cognos. I will present tips & tricks as well as how-tos and my own experiences with certain products.

If you have questions, remarks or recommendations on this blog in general or on specific articles don’t hesitate to contact me: fabian@gaussling.com. Also if you want me to write about some special topic please contact me.


Kind regards

Fabian Gaußling