How to burst reports in Cognos

Cognos has an easy way to automatically distribute reports to different users and groups. In Cognos terms this is meant by “bursting” a report. Let’s assume that our report to be distributed looks like this:

Query Bursting

We have 3 shops, selling different products and the above report might be some kind of sales statistics. We now want to create three pdf files, one for each shop. This can be achieved by bursting this report. In our case we want to send the pdf via eMail. So we need a second query that gives us the emails for each of the shops.

Query eMails

In this query we have the SHOP_NO that matches with the SHOP_NO in the query above. For each SHOP_NO we have a target email address.

Now we have all the stuff we need to enable bursting in the reports. Busting can be activated under File->Burst options:

Dialog Burst Options

The checkbox has to be checked. Then on the left side a query must be selected on which base the report should be burst. Furthermore you have to define a group within the result query that is used to cut the report result into sub parts and these sub parts will be sent to the shops.

On the right side you then select the query that contains the target email addresses. The type can be set to automatic. A master-detail-relationship must be defined to connect both queries with each other. You can also use the same query for both the data and the email addresses. Then you don’t have to define a master-detail-relationship.

In our example we have chosen the QRY_SALES as our source for the burst data. The grouping is based on SHOP_NO. Our query QRY_SHOPS is taken as source for the target emails. We connect both queries with a master-detail-relationship on the column SHOP_NO.

Now everything is configured within the report. Now we can schedule our report. In the form for the schedule we have to activate the checkbox that the report should be bursted too. We chose PDF as file format and select “send by email”. Within the eMail options you can define whether to the pdf itself or a link to the pdf within cognos connection.

Then we just have to wait for the schedule to be executed…

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