New book: SQL Basics – Excerpt


today I just want to give you an excerpt of my latest book SQL Basics – Learn SQL the easy way. The whole book is an introduction to relational databases and SQL. It starts with some theory like what is a database, relations between tables, normalisation, transactions, etc. After that the SQL queries are introduced starting with easier stuff like selecting columns, doing calculations, defining filters and sorting. After that multiple tables are queried with Joins (Inner, Outer, Cross) and data is aggregated and grouped. Subqueries are one of the more advanced topics. Furthermore you find set operations, manipulation of data, creation of database objects and an overview on analytic functions.

Though the code in the book is based on Oracle you can also use it if you work on MS SQL or MySQL databases. For that I’ve added an appendix with the differences between Oracle and each of the other databases. Furthermore you can download a training database with data, a tutorial for setting up a training environment based on oracle (I am planning to do the same for MS SQL and MySQL) and the solutions of the 80+ exercises. These solutions are downloadble for Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL. So you can compare the differences between the different databases.

You can download an excerpt, which consists of

  • Chapter 1 – DB Theory
  • Chapter 3 – Simple queries (except the excersies at the end)
  • Chapter 4 – Queriing multiple tables (only Cross- & Inner Join)

You find the excerpt here: SQL Basics – Learn SQL the easy way – Excerpt

If you enjoy the book I will be happy if you buy it at Amazon. You can select between eBook or paperback. Just simply click on this link:

If you prefer buying it in your own country-store and not at then you can click on country flags in the sidebar of my blog. You are directly routed to the book page in the specific country store.

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